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You know what? No. No, I do not think that girl is as beautiful as the woman on the right. And before you social justice bloggers come stampeding into my askbox, wondering how I could be such a heartless, bitch- hear me out.

The girl on the left isn’t beautiful. The girl on the left does not have flawless skin, or blonde hair, or baby-blue eyes or a pair of double-d’s. What she is, however, is sick. And telling her that she’s beautiful as an attempt to comfort her? Is just plain cruel. 

You’re telling her that she’s only redeemable when she’s beautiful. You don’t give a damn about her illness, no. You just want to sleep at night, thinking what a great person you are for lying to a little girl. Do you think that girl believes she is truly, in the eyes of society, beautiful? She doesn’t. And I dare someone to look me in the eyes and say she’s wrong. We all know she’s not beautiful, but we tell her otherwise, tell ourselves otherwise because we feel guilty and we think that, by “saving” this poor, ill child with false claims of beauty, we are better people because of it. 

That girl is beautiful because she is fighting. She’s beautiful because she isn’t beautiful, not in all the physical ways we obsess over. She’s beautiful because of her personality- and that is why her’s is a life worth living.

Not because some stranger on the internet lied, and told her she’s “beautiful”.

This is one of the major reasons you don’t see me reblog these things.

Thank you, dear stranger on the internet.

I’ve wanted to put this into words forever but never knew how

you nailed it

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